AUJAN Motorcycle Brake Pad for BMW F800GS F800 F 800 GS 2008 2009 Motorcycle Parts Front & Rear Brake Pads

AUJAN Motorcycle Brake Pad for BMW F800GS F800 F 800 GS 2008 2009 Motorcycle Parts Front & Rear Brake Pads

May 7, 2023 Off

Compatible Vehicle: For BMW F800GS F800 F 800 GS 2008 2009
Product Description:
Name:Motorcycle Brake Pad
Condition: 100% new high quality
Color: as pictured

♦High temperature resistance: avoids the risk of brake failure due to thermal decay
♦Good water resistance: high-strength pressed high-density friction material, not afraid of rain and sand
♦Slotted design: increase friction, facilitate ventilation and sewage discharge, heat evenly and dissipate heat quickly
♦Stable performance: With high temperature stability,provide excellent braking force and have excellent durability.
♦Strong adaptability: stable braking performance under long-term driving conditions in different environments (dry, wet, cold, hot).
♦Low dust and less powder:We use a low-wear formula that can reduce dust emissions.

Why Replace Brake Pads
First of all,Brake pads are essentially the components that directly slow down the vehicle and are very important to the overall safety of the vehicle.
Secondly, the brake pads wear out over time, and the reduced braking performance brings hidden dangers to driving safety.
Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of the brake pads and replace them in time.

Warm reminder
♦Please check the vehicle carefully and check the product information carefully when purchasing, and choose the product that is suitable for your vehicle.
♦please allow 3-5MM error due to manual measurement thanks for your understanding.
♦We are committed to providing good service to every customer, If you have any questions about products, please contact us first, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

★【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】The brake pad has good braking effect, with high static friction coefficient,short braking distance,small pulling force required for braking, stable and comfortable, good power modulation and low noise. stable friction performance and super high braking force ,and provides strong safety for your driving.
★【EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP】The production process is continuously adjusted to ensure that the friction material has the optimum compression value, which is not unsafe because the compression value is too high, and does not generate noise because the compression value is too low. And the low-wear formula can reduce the wear of the brake pads and prolong the service life of the brake pads
★【HIGH ADAPTABILITY】Our motorcycle brake pads are made of high-grade materials, which can reduce noise and vibration, and have excellent load in different environments (dry, wet, cold, hot) and riding conditions (dirt, dust, water) Capable and stable braking performance.Allows you to park easily and gives you a comfortable driving experience.
★【EASY TO INSTALL】Our brake pads are easy to install, It has a perfect adaptability, it just needs to be replaced and assembled,and can be installed quickly with a screwdriver, without other complicated tools.
Price: $136.58