Yellow BMW M6 With A PRIOR Design Body Kit

July 10, 2017 Off

One might say that my affair with the BMW E63 M6 is a love hate relationship. The exterior design of the vehicle has always been the thorn in my shoe, but at the same time, it’s been one of the most appealing aspects of this vehicle. Clearly, BMW’s ex chief of design, Chris Bangle, was ahead of his time. The much-discussed designer had a lot of great work done for BMW, but most of his creations is started to be appreciated only now, years after his models have been revealed, replaced and somewhat forgotten.

With the BMW M6 of this generation, packing a powerful uneven firing 5.0 Liter V10 engine, delivering a whopping 373 kW (500 hp) and 520 N·m (380 lb·ft) of torque, combined with one of the best exhaust sounds ever witnessed, the vehicle clearly does have a lot of appealing aspects. The M6 will actually do the 0-62mph (0-100km/h) sprint in just 4.4 seconds – a mark that’s surpassed by its newer sibling by only 0.2 seconds.

BMW M6 With A PRIOR Design Body Kit 3 830x415

With this particular Dakar Yellow BMW M6, the additional appeal is generated thanks to the PRIOR Design body kit for this vehicle. It consists of a BMW M4 influenced front bumper, a rear diffusor and a grill lip spoiler.

BMW M6 With A PRIOR Design Body Kit 5 830x554

With the addition of a set of custom forged wheels, this particular BMW E63 M6 looks great and can easily match its more modern counterparts with ease. Take a look at the entire media gallery of this build right below.

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