Watch a BMW M4 Devour Three Tuned Hot Hatches on the Ring

May 30, 2017 Off

Living next to the Nurburgring certainly seems like a dream to all of us currently residing in the US. The track where all BMWs are tested before being given the green light to enter production, is probably the most adored in the world. One of the reasons certainly has to do with Touristenfahrten days when anyone can get on the track and push his or her car to the limit. We saw some rather interesting combats take place on it during these ‘tourist days’ and we even saw buses being driven on the track on more than one occasion.

Today though we’re here for a different reason and not dealing with buses, vans or anything of the sort but instead we’re taking a look at a duel between three hot hatches and a BMW M4. As you already know, BMWs are quite popular on the ring, and the M4 is no exception. However, more and more hot hatches are also showing up on the Ring lately, especially since a couple of manufacturers have actually started a proper FWD hot hatch competition on the Green Hell, to claim the title of the fastest FWD car in the world.

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Two of those manufacturers are represented in the video below. As you’re going to see, there are two Renault Megane RS models involved in the ordeal along with the camera car which is a Seat Leon Cupra. Both models have held the Nurburgring record for the fastest FWD car taken round it at certain moments in their lifespans. Furthermore, according to the video description on Youtube, these are not stock models. All of them have been tuned to make around 350 HP and have had their suspension and brakes upgraded.

All things considered, the M4 might’ve not been standard either. The way it simply devoured the trio despite their upgrades proves, once again, that in capable hands, the BMW M4 is quite a Nurburgring beast. Unfortunately, we don’t have the details of the Yas Marina Blue model doing the legwork here but the battle certainly is entertaining.


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