Ute BMW 8 Series Concept Rendering Is a Step Too Far

May 29, 2017 Off

We’ve seen quite a number of renderings of the BMW 8 Series come out lately. It’s understandable as there are few cars out there that can evoke so much emotion. Furthermore, the concept itself has a shape that is prone to be modified quite a lot using digital tools. But while the Convertible and Gran Coupe models will definitely make the cut, others are a bit too far off. And if you thought the shooting brake rendering was a bit much, you’re not ready for this one.

The guys from X-Tomi Design are the culprits behind this latest rendering as well and this time, they went down under to bring out an Ute version of the 8 Series. That’s right, a pick-up version for a luxurious Gran Tourer. Needless to say this will never happen, even if some manufacturers have shown interest into more utilitarian vehicles lately.

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The Germans are currently developing the car based on the chassis provided by the partners over at Nissan in the shape of the Navara truck. And while we’re curious to see how a truck with Nappa leather will ultimately turn out, we’re not exactly sure if it will work as Mercedes expects it to. Moving back to the 8 Series range and the rendering at hand here, this will not happen but it is an interesting exercise in creativity and imagination.

After all, BMW themselves put together a couple of pick-up trucks back in the day, based on the E90 M3, for example. They were kept secret and used solely around on the grounds of their plants in Germany, but they also showed that this thought did cross some people’s minds in Munich. Just imagine a modern day El Camino with all the luxury an 8 Series can offer inside along with a powerful straight six engine under the hood.

Hmm, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

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