Upcoming 2019 BMW X5 spied in Copenhagen

April 29, 2017 Off

Even though the current-gen F15 BMW X5 is still a great looking car that has loads of space, is extremely luxurious and drives well, it’s getting close to that time where it needs replacing. It’s still highly competitive in its segment, which is surprising considering the X3 was non-competitive far before its replacement coming later this year. But, despite that, BMW is currently working on a successor to take on its impressive new competitors from Volvo and Land Rover. This new BMW X5 successor was recently just caught testing in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The first thing you notice about the new X5 is its aggressive rear haunches. They’re massive and stick out further than on the current-gen car. This gives the new X5 a wider, sportier look that looks almost odd on such a big vehicle. Though, don’t put too much stock in this as BMW has faked us with false body panels before.

2018 BMW X5 snow spied 02 750x311

In the video, we don’t see much of the car, as it’s just driving around town, so we don’t get to see any hot laps on the ‘Ring. But we do get a good look at its size and proportions, which look pretty BMW X5-ish. The proportions don’t seem to have changed much over the previous car, but that’s not really a big deal as the current car still looks very good. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, I guess.

Being that BMW’s design language has been based on rather incremental, evolutionary changes, rather than drastic revolutionary ones, as of late, this isn’t surprising. It should still be a good looking car and one that will sell like crazy but don’t expect a drastic change in design. For better or worse.

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