This quirky 1965 BMW 700 LS looks like fun

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Wolfgang Denzel was an Austrian BMW importer back in the ’50s and ’60s and was a man that wanted something a bit more premium from BMW and something that could be used by the everyman. So he pitched an idea to BMW about a small saloon car that was more upscale and more enjoyable to drive than the BMW 600. BMW approved the idea and told him to develop a prototype with the Turin, Italy-based designer Michelotti. What they ended up creating was the BMW 700 and it was a big hit, leading the Bavarians to eventually create the Neue Klasse of cars.

While the 700 wasn’t part of the Neue Klass, as it came before, its design influence and main goal certainly helped push BMW in the direction to create the Neue Klass and, eventually, the famous BMW 2002. The BMW 700 was a small, rear-engined two-door saloon car that was meant for most families to own and still provide a premium driving experience. Its good looks, spacious cabin and fun handling led to it being an instant success. Which is what makes this fun little 1065 BMW 700 such an interesting little car and one worth looking into adding to your collection.

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This specific car is a BMW 700 LS (Long-Tail Sport), though “sport” might not be a good word to describe it. In the back lies a two-cylinder boxer engine that only made 32 hp in 1965. That, when paired with a four-speed manual transmission, was capable of 0-60 mph in probably ten minutes. However, that’s not the point of the 700 LS.

Firstly, just look at it. It’s adorable. That funky grille-less front end, big singular headlights and long tail all add up to create a very charming car. And when looking at the 700, you can easily see the familial resemblance to the BMW 2002 which succeeded it.

Inside, red leather adorns the cabin that looks quite nice and seems to be in very good shape. Wood trim gives the dash a more premium look and the two-spoke steering wheels evokes the charm of the era. It’s just a really handsome and charming little car that is hard to not want to drive.

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This car has been restored, so it’s in superb condition but it isn’t all original. That, along with the fact that it’s not a hugely desirable car, makes it relatively cheap for any car collector that wants to add something cheap and quirky to their collection or any enthusiasts who wants a silly weekend car. For around $13,000, this little BMW 700 LS can be yours and that seems like a pretty low price.

What’s even better, though, is this car’s modding opportunities. Now, modding a car this rare (only 1,730 made) seems a bit sacrilegious, but hear me out. The rear engine compartment was originally increased for the LS model, so as to accommodate a larger four-cylinder engine. However, the larger engine plans were scrapped, so the little two-cylinder engine remains. This would mean that there’s considerable space to fit a larger BMW engine from a more recent car, such as an M10 four-cylinder. that would make this car a proper blast, as it would be a unique rear-engine BMW that had enough power to make it fun.

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