This Kawasaki ZX-powered MINI Cooper is brilliant madness

April 8, 2017 Off

Yesterday, we saw the work of a man by the name of David Brown, a sensible English gentleman who’s decided to remaster some original MINI Coopers to make them more modern more special. Everything about Brown’s remastered MINIs scream elegance and class. You can imagine the engineers were drinking cups of tea out of china while working on it, possibly a glass of cognac when they were done. One engineer might have even had a monocle. But this MINI Cooper, nicknamed the ZX-MINI Cooper? No, this car is far different. (We don’t own the photos of the ZX-MINI but they can be seen here)

A man by the name of Adam Trinder built the ZX-MINI and he’s equally as brilliant as Brown but his brilliants sides more with madness. A machinist by trade for many years, Trinder is capable of very interesting car builds and this one is very interesting indeed.

The ZX-MINI is called “ZX” thanks to its engine, which is a Kawasaki ZX10R motorcycle engine. It’s mounted where the back seats used to be and makes almost 200 hp at a eardrum-bursting 13,000 rpm. The engine only displaces about a single liter but it’s a manic monster of a thing. It sends power through a six-speed sequential gearbox which powers the rear wheels via chain drive just like a motorcycle. If you’re thinking this is insane, you’re right.

classic mini 01 750x493

Classic MINI, not the ZX-MINI

While 200 hp might not sound like a lot, consider the fact that this ZX-MINI only weights around 1,360 lbs. That gives it a power-to-weight ratio that rivals a Corvette. Put that in a car that’s smaller than some shoes and you’ve got one helluva crazy car.

Brendan McAleer had the opportunity to drive this psychotic ZX-MINI and claims it to be awesome, in a brutal, insane and kind of scary sort of way. The noise is insane and, considering the fact that the engine is directly behind the driver’s head, can almost deafen passengers. That’s cool but nuts. But also cool. And Crazy. The way McAleer describes the way this MINI looks is perfect, so I’m just going to quote him. “The Mini hunkers bow-legged on its wide-set flares, a mix of malevolence and cute. It’s like if Aleister Crowley had raised a Yorkshire Terrier from a pup on a diet of human flesh and methamphetamines.” That about sums it up.  So while some car builders like to make calm, collected and sophisticated versions of the MINI Cooper, like Mr. David Brown, some like to just have fun. This car is made by the latter and it’s brilliantly insane and I love it. I just don’t want to drive it because I value my ability to hear.

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