Sixt Ad Shows the BMW 7 Series Demands Respect Even as a Rental

May 19, 2017 Off

It’s widely known that rental cars don’t usually get a lot of respect. People tend to abuse them so bad rentals have become some of the most dreaded cars you can possibly drive. But what happens when you rent a luxury car such as the BMW 7 Series?

Not all rental companies offer such expensive rides to their customers, but the ones that do charge you an arm and a leg for the luxury. Yet does that mean renters change their minds about abusing these cars? Well, Sixt’s latest ad might have an answer, even though it’s an unconventional one.

luxury and boogers somehow find some common ground in this ad for sixt 8 830x394

As the ad starts we get teleported inside a 7er and the serene feeling it gives you, pampered in all that quilted leather and brushed aluminum. A few seconds into the ad, we notice there’s a little girl sitting in the back, enjoying life as a passenger in the Bavarian flagship.

However, a sudden urge to pick her nose apparently takes over and, unlike adults, she decides to take care of things as a child would. The trouble is, getting rid of the booger on her index finger  is not as easy to do when you’re surrounded by the best materials you can get in a car. The solution she reaches might make your stomach churn though, but it has the expected the result.

Let’s take a look.

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