Satin Red BMW F80 M3 Featuring Vossen x Work Wheels

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If you ordered a brand new BMW M3 today, you’ll probably find yourself in a rather peculiar situation. While you do get a high-performance vehicle that will hold its own with most cars on the road today, due to its sheer popularity, you’re bound to run into another M3, sporting the same exterior color choice. Naturally, human beings tend to have the desire to differentiate themselves from others, hence the addition of custom exterior finishes comes into play.

For this owner, the choice was simple: apply a gorgeous satin wrap to his M3. While choosing an Individual Finish might be an easier option, the addition of this high-quality wrap makes the BMW M3 look impressive and the process reversible. Additionally, this option allows the owner to retain the stock paint finish underneath – now protected with the wrap film.

Satin Red BMW F80 M3 With Vossen x Work Wheels 1 750x500

After the gorgeous satin wrap was installed, one may think this is good enough to make your M3 stand out. But – as with many builds lately – this seemingly wasn’t enough for this owner. After the wrap, the owner decided to add a set of aftermarket wheels as well. In turn, the choice for this build came down to a set of Vossen x Work VWS-1 wheels. The Vossen x Work Series is a joint collaboration between the well-known U.S. based wheel maker and one of the most popular Japanese wheel companies.

The series is defined by its two-piece welded construction. Owners have a choice to select a variety of configurations, which include the Flat Lip, Stepped Lip, and Stepped Lip with Overlapping Spokes configuration options available. These assembly configurations facilitate a variety of aesthetics as well as fitment options, allowing for a deep lip and flat face or deep concave face with overlapping spokes. Varying disc types also aid the fitment of bigger brakes.

Satin Red BMW F80 M3 With Vossen x Work Wheels 11 750x500

For this build, these Vossen x Work VWS-1 wheels come in sizes of 20×8.5 and 20×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. These sizing options are the usual norm for M3 builds these days, allowing for the best combination of looks/stance and fitment that allows daily use utility.

Furthermore, the M3 was adorned with a front carbon fiber lip also wrapped in Satin Red, along with a carbon fiber spoiler and a rear diffuser.

You can check out the complete build gallery of this project right below.

Satin Red BMW F80 M3 Featuring Vossen x Work Wheels

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