Rolls-Royce Sweptail Rendered in Drophead Guise

June 13, 2017 Off

The crowd was speechless. The lawn in front of Villa d’Este on the shores of Lake Como in Italy was filled with people who were anxiously waiting for one of the most special Rolls-Royce car ever built: the Sweptail. Being built from the ground up to the exact specifications desired by its owner, the Sweptail is unique and apart from its quirky design, it’s truly an art of work.

But what if the roof was retractable? What if we could actually see the glamorous interior bestowed upon this luxurious land yacht? Well, the guys from X-Tomi design tried to put together a rendering of what would be called Rolls-Royce Sweptail Drophead Coupe, in typical Goodwood fashion.

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The end result isn’t perfect though, as we can clearly see where the bits coming off a Rolls-Royce Dawn meet and blend with the ones taken from the Sweptail. It’s a good effort though and it does spur on the imagination, as renderings are supposed to.

And while the British company said they are looking into making more bespoke models like this one, chances of actually seeing a Drophead Sweptail are slim. Not only because building one would probably even surpass the already exorbitant price tag of the Coupe model, but also because I’m guessing the owner of the original wouldn’t be all too pleased to seeing another car out there with the same front end.

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