Production of the BMW i7 underway – NorthWest Business Monthly

Production of the BMW i7 underway – NorthWest Business Monthly

July 9, 2022 Off

The electric flagship is approaching.

Mercedes has long since come up with an electric version of the flagship, the S-Class, and it rolling around Mercedes EQS on Norwegian roads.

BMW has not been that much worse , because they have in place an electric flagship among the SUV models – BMW iX. It is just as well Norway’s 3rd most popular after the first half, only beaten by Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4. Not bad at all for a flagship that costs a little extra.

But this is not BMW’s answer to the S-Class, because then we have to switch to the 7-Series – a sedan that, like S-class measures 5.1 meters in length.

This will also have an electric sister, similar to EQS (5, 07 meters) the length is stretched out. The all-electric version called i7 is actually a full 5, 24 meters long, and the wheelbase is an incredible 3, 22 meter. In comparison, a BMW i3 is only 4.0 meters long.

Already in April, BMW Norway could proudly open sales for the upcoming flagship, which should have an exceptionally good space inside, and indicated that deliveries can start until next year sometime. There is a known production problem in the car industry, which in turn creates delays when it comes to the actual deliveries.

Anyway, the good news is that the BMW i7 has now entered production in the German Dingolfing factories. It happened on July 1, and there it is also accompanied by two sisters.

– Our new BMW 7 Series is the first luxury sedan in the world to offer customers a choice between three types of drivetrain . Whether it is completely electric, combustion-driven and soon also plug-in hybrid, we have a flexible system and excellent integration options that we need to produce such different cars efficiently, says Milan Nedeljkovic, a board member for production at BMW.

The German group has invested over NOK 3 billion in the factory ahead of the upcoming 7-series, so that production will be both greener and more digital. The next generation of car factories is far more autonomous than before, and robots now make much of the work both more efficient, more cost-saving and not least more secure and accurate.

Now that the i7 has actually entered production, BMW says that the new generation of the 7-Series will be available to customers worldwide in the autumn of this year, but does not specify this further.

– Exactly one year ago we were here for to celebrate the start of production of our BMW iX, says Nedeljkovic.

– Today the BMW i7 is the last milestone on our journey. Next year we will launch the all-electric variant of the BMW 5 Series as we increase the pace of electromobility and electrify our core model range.

When we enter 2023 is It is expected that one in four BMWs leaving Dingolfing will be an electric car, and this will rise to around half of the plant’s total production by the middle of this decade. At least according to previous plans.

Because if we are to measure after the Norwegian sale of the BMW iX, the robots at Dingolfing will be able to run properly in the coming years as well. Good that they do not need a coffee break!

Here are pictures of the electric flagship of BMW, the upcoming i7:

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