Nick Murray drives his E30 3 Series in New Zealand

July 8, 2017 Off

If you’ve seen Nick Murray’s YouTube channel, you’d know that he likes BMWs. Since he’s started his channel, he’s had both an E92 BMW M3 Coupe and an F82 BMW M4, in between stints in Porsche 911s. Another thing you’d notice is that he has a funny accent. Despite most people thinking he’s Australian, he’s actually from New Zealand. He visits home every now and again and the car he drives while in NZ is an old E30 BMW 325se with an automatic gearbox.

Now, he gets some flak for having an automatic E30 Series, as that’s almost sacrilege in an E30. Though, it’s not such a big deal, as the E30 he has is a pretty basic sedan that he just owns for cruising around the stunning landscape of New Zealand. Plus, the old four-speed auto in older Bimmers is actually pretty decent.

1983 1991 E30 BMW BMW Heritage 750x551

E30 BMW 3 Series interior (Not Murray’s)


Admittedly, this video doesn’t feature much of his E30 Series. However, I wanted to highlight the video because of how desirable the old Bimmer still is. Firstly, just look at it. When in good condition, the E30 BMW 3 Series is still one of the brand’s best sedan/coupe designs. It’s just so perfectly boxy.

Also, how can you not love ’80s blue interior. I now desperately want an old BMW with blue leather interior. It’s just so damn cool.

Murray’s specific E30 Series is just a simple cruiser and not some fast, exciting enthusiast’s car. However, that’s the beauty of the E30. Even in a basic spec, it’s still a very enjoyable car to drive, manual or automatic. It’s just a brilliant car and this little video has made me want one and to drive it around New Zealand which looks incredible.

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