Is this possibly the upcoming BMW 7 Series LCI

July 1, 2017 Off

The BMW 7 Series has been on sale for about a year now and it’s sales have been a bit underwhelming, if we’re honest. BMW isn’t too pleased with the sales, or lack thereof, of the new 7er, especially since the S-Class is continuing to crush it, despite being significantly older. So the Bavarians are probably already working on the LCI for the 7er, to breathe some new life into it and fix whatever complaints customers have had. What we’re seeing in these new spy photos could be that 7 Series LCI.

In the photos, we see a 7 Series on the back of a flat-bed truck wearing a ton of camouflage. It’s completely covered in camo, with really only the exhaust tips being visible. Now, this isn’t odd except for the fact that we don’t know of any other 7 Series variant on the way. So unless BMW is developing some sort of new 7 Series variant, this should be the LCI updated 7 Series.

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Now, there isn’t much to notice from these photos. We can only see the exhausts and the wheels, which look like standard BMW 7 Series bits. The taillights are mostly covered but they still look pretty much the same. Admittedly, they could be completely different underneath the camo, but that much isn’t visible from these photos.

If this is a BMW 7 Series LCI, we’re hoping the Bavarians do something about some of the interior bits and the steering, mostly. The rest of it is fine, better than fine actually, but those few things need to be worked out. For instance, the center stack of buttons looks a bit cheap compared to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the steering is really anodyne. Aside from those two things, there isn’t much the 7 Series needs improvement on. Maybe some refreshed headlights.

If this is a newly refreshed 7 Series, though, what would you like to see changed?

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