F90-Generation BMW M5 front bumper revealed

May 16, 2017 Off

We’ve already seen the F90-gen BMW M5 doing its thing on the Nurburgring, wearing heavy camo, quite a few times. So we’re all pretty used to its shape, profile and basic features by now. Though, we’re short on details, as the camouflaged has covered anything of the sort. Now, though, some spy photos have come out of the upcoming F90 M5 with its front bumper exposed.Admittedly, the bumper is still covered in camo but the shape of it is completely exposed, whereas before it was hidden behind a generic rectangular bumper (Shown Above). Now, we get to see what the bumper will look like, how the front air vents will look and what the overall face of the M5 will be. (We don’t have all of the spy photos, but they can be seen here)

To be honest, it’s not that much different than the front bumper of any other M car. In fact, it looks almost identical to most M front bumpers. But that doesn’t mean it looks bad. Quite the contrary, actually, as it looks properly aggressive and angry. And the entire face of the new F90 M5, now that we can see the entire shape of the thing, looks quite good. This will be a handsome super sedan and one that has just enough aggression, even if we were hoping for a bit more.

Those air intakes are also necessarily large, as they have to feed quite a lot of air into many things. Firstly, that big boy engine needs to cool down. That 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 is going to make about 600 hp and it’s going to be working hard, so some air is needed. Then there’s the oil cooler and transmission fluid cooler that will be in those air intakes, requiring some air themselves. Those little coolers are present on most M cars and require their own separate intake vents.

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The wheels on the F90 BMW M5 in these pictures also look very good. They look similar to the wheels that normally come on M cars these days but have more spokes and look better. We also spot orange brake calipers, which would be a bit unusual on an M car, though it’s entirely possible that those calipers are just for testing. Typically, though, M brake calipers are blue. Never seen orange ones before.

We’re waiting with bated breath to see the upcoming F90 BMW M5 in the flesh but until then, these sorts of spy photos will have to do. Check them out and let us know what you think.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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