BMW Won’t Develop a New Sub-Brand to Rival Mercedes-Maybach

June 13, 2017 Off

According to latest reports, BMW has no plans to build a brand to rival the Mercedes-Maybach. Several BMW executives have reiterated over time that Rolls-Royce is their response to the demands of high-end customers, and one that has been extremely successful. Other high-end BMWs, like the upcoming BMW 8 Series and X7 will sit at the top of their range and offer customers a more premium and luxurious experience.

Speaking to BMW CEO, Harald Krueger earlier this year, the people over at Automotive News got the same response as usual, when asking about a potential sub-brand that would take luxury higher than what the 7 Series is offering right now: “It will all happen within the BMW brand.” What that means in reality is that BMW will be developing its upcoming 8 Series range and X7 to be more luxurious than anything else wearing the BMW badge at the moment, looking to take on the competition head on, without having to reinvent a brand or maybe create a new one from the ground up.

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The 8 Series range, for example, will not only be represented by a Coupe model but a Convertible and a Gran Coupe as well. All three models will come with the best possible materials and will come with a level of luxury that will top what BMW is offering at the moment. At the same time, for those looking for the ultimate level of luxury, the Rolls-Royce brand will surely cater to their needs, especially since a new Phantom is in the world as well as the upcoming Cullinan all-terrain vehicle.

As far as the Maybach brand goes, things aren’t exactly looking great. While the initial take over by Mercedes seemed to be doing it some good, lackluster sales and the fact that Maybach models looked too much like their S-Class counterparts, determined the Stuttgart-based company to take a different approach. The new Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand isn’t doing all that great either despite offering some tempting products.

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