BMW M6 Gran Turismo Definitely Looks the Part in New Rendering

June 19, 2017 Off

The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo is now out in the open and deliveries are expected to kick off this fall. Having grown considerably in size compared to the 5 Series GT, BMW avoids calling the new 6er its successor, but we all know what it truly is. But just as it was the case with the original BMW Gran Turismo, the new car will not get an M version. The reasons are quite simple and they do revolve around the car’s weight as well as it structural rigidity. And its very small market of customers. 

When the 4 Series Gran Coupe was unveiled, we faced the same questions, a lot of people wondering whether BMW will actually offer the beautiful four-door coupe in M guise. The answer was a definitive ‘No’ and the reason offered was centered on the structural rigidity of the car. While frameless windows like the ones found on the 4 GC or the new 6 GT are beautiful to look at, they are neither practical or particularly strong.

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Using frameless windows reduces the body’s rigidity and on a BMW M car, that’s definitely an issue. But that didn’t stop the guys from X-Tomi design to put together a rendering of what a possible M6 GT could look like. Using a front bumper borrowed from the M4, along with new kidney grilles and a new roof, this rendering is actually quite pleasing to the eye. Sure, the fact that the CFRP roof seems to be sporting a sunroof doesn’t really make sense, but then again, this is just an imagination exercise.

Going along with it, we would assume that the car we’re looking at here has all-wheel drive and a 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 making 600 HP, numbers good enough to send it to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds, even with all that extra weight on. Come to think of it, this may actually find a couple of buyers too, if the Germans decided to make, it but we’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen. 

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