BMW M4 Goes Extreme with AMG Engine in Outlandish Rendering

June 1, 2017 Off

Renderings posted online by pixel manipulators are usually a way to offer us a glimpse into what future models could look like. However, every once in a while these digital artists put things together just for fun and the end result of such practices might just take your breath away from time to time. That’s most definitely the case with this rendering that features half of a BMW M4.

Khyzyl Saleem is the man behind this creation and if you’re a fan of games such as Need for Speed, for example, you might actually be familiar with his work. He usually put together drawings of massively modified cars as this seems to be his specialty and what he has for us today, is a bit of an abomination, if you will. That’s because he managed to bring together two rivaling factions to create one mesmerizing digital car.

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What we have here is a BMW M4 featuring a 6-liter V12 AMG engine, like the one used on Pagani’s Zonda Revolucion model. And boy, does it look enticing or what? This may be an unholy hybrid but I definitely wouldn’t mind getting behind its wheel. That’s because the Revolucion is a proper, mad, supercar with 800 horsepower under its belt and not a lot of weight to carry around. Using a super-fast sequential transmission, this thing would reach eye-watering speeds in a literal blink of an eye, if you were capable of controlling its power skids, that is.

Considering the BMW M4, even in its most exclusive and expensive guise, costs around $150,000 at most, and that the Zonda we’re referring to here is closer to $3 million, this thing would probably land somewhere in the middle price-wise. But that’s all just wishful thinking at the moment, as this is truly just the offspring of a creative mind working overtime.

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