BMW M Commercial Goes Against the Stream with Adult Humor

May 12, 2017 Off

The BMW M division is taking a funny approach to commercials, less politically correct than before, but nonetheless entertaining. The new digital strategy seems to abide by the take no prisoners motto and showcase all the ‘shortcomings’ as what they really are – the things that make the cars special in the first place.

Earlier this month, BMW M launched a new website with a commercial that simply said: “There’s no such thing as too much M.” It was a beautiful exercise that raised your pulse simply by looking at the M cars burning rubber and doing what they know best on a track. It was unapologetic and did away with all the complaints some had towards the Motorsport division and its marvelous creations.

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Now the trend seems to continue, this time with a commercial that simply uses adult humor to take us out of our comfort zone. Some might say that M cars are too low. Scraping your front bumper on various speed bumps or driveways isn’t something you normally dream about but so what? That’s what you sign up for when buying one of these cars, knowing in the back of your mind that this will be like a weird relationship. On the other hand, there are moments when you simply couldn’t imagine living your life without your partner by your side.

It’s a love/hate relationship that we all know and have grown to cherish as you can’t have one without the other. So the video takes a similar approach, albeit a funny one and show us what it means to be “Too Low.”

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