BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe rendered again

May 30, 2017 Off

When we first learned of the BMW 6 Series losing its Coupe and Gran Coupe models, we were naturally sad. The 6 Series Coupe is saddening but what’s even more so is the loss of the Gran Coupe. The 6er GC is one of the best looking cars to come from Bavaria in some time. It’s silhouette is stunning and its combination of beauty and aggression is perfect. It’s just a beautiful car. So when we learned that the BMW 8 Series Coupe would be replacing the 6er as the brand’s flagship coupe, fans naturally wondered if a Gran Coupe would follow.

It’s not official whether or not an 8 Series Gran Coupe will be made. But we’re hoping so, as it looks stunning even from this render. The 8 Series styling seems perfectly made for a four-door coupe.

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The way the rear doors work into the famous Hofmeister Kink looks great. The way the rear end works into the built-in spoiler also looks very good. It almost has a sort of Aston Martin Rapide look to it, which is a compliment. In fact, the entire BMW 8 Series design language has a sort of Aston Martin look to it.

We’re hoping such a car comes to fruition and it looks something like this render or any of the other renders we’ve seen. The Gran Coupe was the best looking variant of the 6 Series model line so it’s safe to assume that the Gran Coupe would be the best looking variant of the 8 Series.

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