BMW 8 Series Concept Turned into Shooting Brake in New Rendering

May 30, 2017 Off

The world is currently patiently waiting for BMW to go through the usual process of bringing out the final version of the 8 Series Concept that was unveiled in Italy last week. The revival of the beloved badge will take place next year, with the 2-door coupe version leading the assault on the S-Class Coupe. However, more body styles will join the range later down the line. According to our sources, we’ll also get to see a Convertible and a Gran Coupe. But what about a shooting brake?

Well, to put it blunt, there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen. But that doesn’t mean that digital renderings can’t be put together, to offer a rough idea of how they might turn out looking. That said, the guys from X-Tomi design were the first to deliver, with this rather interesting take on how a shooting brake could look like in 8 Series clothes.  We definitely wouldn’t say no to such a contraption, especially since it would sit nicely next to all those Ferrari F12s out there or even the new GTC4Lusso.

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The rendering here was inspired quite a lot by the Ferrari GTC4Lusso with the rear quarter looking extremely similar. Then again, all shooting brakes have the same overall design round the back as that’s what defines them in the first place. Initially brought out as a concept in World War II era, the shooting brake body never quite took off, as the main purpose it was created for – to help hunters carry their game and weapons – meant it was addressing a small niche in the first place.

More shooting brake models were brought out in the 60s and 70s, some more popular than others. Today, Mercedes-Benz is probably selling the most cars in this guise, with the CLS and CLA models being the most popular examples, even though they are quite far off from the original concept that came with only two doors.

An 8 Series Shooting Brake would give the CLS version a run for its money but in these troubling times, BMW will most likely choose not to invest into making a model that caters to such a small niche. It’s an interesting thought though.

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