BMW 8 Series Concept Already Rendered in Convertible Guise

May 27, 2017 Off

Now that the BMW 8 Series Concept is out of the hat, we have a clue of what the new GT car will look like once it makes it into production. Since sources inside BMW are saying there’s going to be more than one body style available in the 8 Series range, we’re expecting a Convertible and even a Gran Coupe to show up later on.

As usual, the culprits in charge of bringing us a sexy rendering are the guys from X-Tomi design who moved fast and put together a roofless version of the sexy convertible 8 Series concept. As you can see, with or without a roof, the 8 Series just exudes style and beauty, something we’ve expected since this is a return to form for the original GT car. Unlike the Coupe, the convertible could be even closer to the original due to the fact that it actually lacks a B-pillar, just like the 90s model used to.

BMW Concept 8 Cabrio2 830x467

That’s actually one of the things that made it special back then, the look of the 8er with its windows down being absolutely stunning. Another thing that made it stand out in the crowd was the engine selection, made up only of V8 and V12 powerplants. The V8s were decent, but the silky smooth character of the V12s was something everyone was dreaming of. And we’re hoping the new one will also get a V12 powerplant under its hood, at least in the top M8 guise, even though chances of that happening are slim, at most, due to the tightening environmental legislation we have to deal with these days.

What we can tell you for sure is that straight six engines will definitely be available, sources saying the entry-level BMW 8 Series will be the 840i and possibly even an 840d version as well. Upper-range versions will include the 850i while, the M8 will be the pinnacle of the series. The M version will most likely use the upgraded 4.4-liter V8 from the new F90 M5.

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