BMW 6 Series Cross Gran Turismo Rendering Might Actually Work

July 10, 2017 Off

BMW is seemingly cutting down on trying to populate every single niche out there, instead focusing more on the electric future that seems to be looming closer and closer. And yet, with cars like the 6 Series Gran Turismo, that scope seems to be put on hold for now, with the GT model being one of the most controversial vehicles the Bavarians have in store right now. The rendering we’re showing you today though is even more controversial, taking things to a whole new level.

We’re looking at yet another rendering based on the new 6 Series GT today and this time, the luxurious Autobahn cruiser was turned into an mild offroader similar to what Audi is proposing with its A6 Allroad.

BMW 6 Series Cross Gran Tourismo 830x467

Considering the thirst people seem to have for SUVs and crossovers altogether these days, this might actually work. Raise the car’s ground clearance by 1 or 2 inches and you get a comfortable cruiser that can carry you everywhere, even on gravel roads and allowing you to do some mild off road driving. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it might actually match the sales figures for the 5 Series GT which wasn’t a flop, especially in Europe.

Sure, it’s all speculative but that’s what renderings are for. So, what do you think? Would this make sense? Would it make more sense than the standard Gran Turismo or would it just be a waste of time and resources?

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