560 HP Alpha-N Performance BMW M4 Claims 7:20 BTG Lap Time

June 15, 2017 Off

German tuner Alpha-N Performance is quite known to European customers. They have been putting together some incredible tuned machines based on BMW’s M offerings and the latest M4 coming from their HQ is no different. The beast is claimed to have gone around the Bridge to Gantry section on the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 20 seconds which is a supercar-worthy time. But what made it so fast in the first place?

The tuning shop put together a kit that turns an ordinary M4 into an M4 GTS rivaling beast. The engine under the hood now makes 560 PS which is a whopping increase compared to the standard 431 PS of your average, run of the mill M4. According to the them, the only thing needed to surpass the 500 PS of the GTS was a new ECU map along with some changes done to the intake and exhaust to handle the extra fumes. However, there’s no water injection technology involved in this ordeal, which makes this a much simpler upgrade.

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The car also uses the 7-speed DCT gearbox for rowing through gears, while the software for it is exactly the same as on the track-ready GTS. Another thing borrowed from the limited-run model consists of the way the active M differential works now, due to some more software changes. Taking things a step forward, Ohlins coilovers were installed along with new 20″ racing wheels to drop the unsprung weight factor even more.

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On the outside you’ll surely notice the new splitter installed on the front bumper as well as the massive wing on the boot lid, both of which add downforce to keep the car as close to the ground as possible even at high speeds. The hood was also changed with a carbon fiber one that sheds some more weight while inside the cabin you’ll find lighter Recaro sport seats. All in all, this thing definitely looks like it could take on some serious competition but if you’re wondering about how much all of this will cost, you’ll have to ask Alpha-N Performance as they’ve been rather secretive about it.

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