540 HP S55-Powered BMW M2 Competes in Hillclimb Competition

May 5, 2017 Off

Back in the day BMW models used to be quite popular in rally and hillclimb events. Even though those days are far gone and an official entry by the Bavarian manufacturer in such dealings is no longer a thing, private teams are still enjoying the benefits of its front engine, rear drive setup in various races. One such team took part in last year’s Gurnigel Hillclimb and it used a modified BMW M2 that made us quite curious.

The reason I’m saying that is because this Dahler Competition Line BMW is as close to the rumored BMW M2 CS as it gets. The internet has been filled with all sorts of reports lately regarding the possibility of seeing a special edition M2 soon with the ‘CS’ letters stuck to its trunk lid. And just like its M4 CS brother, it would truly be something special. That’s because there’s a rather high chance that the M division will bestow it with the S55 3-liter straight six mill otherwise found in standard M3 and M4 models.

BMW M2 CSL renderings 07 750x500

Admittedly, it will be a de-tuned version, good for only some 400 HP but, when coupled with the great chassis and light weight of the already brilliant BMW M2, the results could be quite intoxicating. The car in the footage below has quite a lot more power than that, with the Swiss tuner claiming that it puts out 540 HP and 730 Nm (538 lb-ft) of torque, but the comparison still stands since it is using an S55 engine.

Of course, trying to figure out whether the upcoming BMW M2 CS will be as just as brutal as the car tearing up mountain roads in the video is hard to tell and unlikely due to the power output gap. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that if the Club Sport model will really come with the twin-turbo S55 mill under its hood, tuning options to make it push out even more than 500 HP are already available. The question is, would that be too much?

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