2020 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

June 23, 2017 Off

When it comes to market in 2019, the next-generation G20 3 Series will lose a family member. According to our sources, the 3 Series Gran Turismo is likely to be phased out and somewhat replaced by a new 4 Series Gran Coupe. Same source says BMW realized the challenges of selling both models side-by-side and the decision to build just one of those practical models was an easy one.

And since the car is still two years away, rendering artists from around the world are guessing what the design would look like. Take for example this image by Andrei Avarvarii who takes the proportions of the current 4 Series Gran Coupe and applies the latest BMW design language. Hence the rendered 4 Series Gran Coupe shows a sleek front-end, with laster lights connecting into the outer edge of a large kidney grille, and a front bumper that’s sculpted to reflect the sportiness of the Gran Coupe.

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 2020 830x553

The side view is all about the two character lines which will find their way onto most new BMWs, enhancing the car’s side profile. The dimensions are pretty much the same as the current generation 4 Series Gran Coupe, with the exception of the wheelbase which is rumored to be about 7cm longer.

BMW is also currently working on a 4 Series Gran Coupe Electric that will make its debut in 2020 and directly compete with the Model 3. The 4 Series Gran Coupe Electric will be one of three different powertrain setups in the upcoming 4 Series model line. There will be a traditional petrol engine, a plug-in hybrid powertrain and a fully electric model. BMW is also targeting around a 311 mile range for the 4 Series Gran Coupe Electric, something that can be done right now with about a 90 kWh battery but could apparently drop down to around 70 kWh with newer high-density batteries and better cooling. Either way, it’s completely realistic for that range number to be met by 2020, as Tesla is targeting it now for the Model 3.

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