2018 BMW M550i is one of Road & Track’s sleepers

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Now that the F90-generation BMW M5‘s release is imminent, many enthusiasts have forgotten the lesser BMW M550i xDrive. However, that’s actually sort of a good thing. Like many M Performance models, the soon-to-be-released M550i is not much slower than its full-on M car. However, unlike other M Performance cars, the M550i is actually faster than its model’s previous-gen M car.

The current BMW M550i xDrive is actually faster than the previous-gen F10 BMW M5. What’s even more impressive about that is that it does so with significantly less power. Despite only having 456 hp, the M550i xDrive can rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. That’s blisteringly quick.

2018 BMW M550i xDrive test drive 54 750x499

Though, its looks belie that monstrous performance. Which is precisely why it ends up on Road & Track’s list of top-ten sleeper cars.

A sleeper is a car that looks like an ordinary car but has the performance of an extraordinary one. If you give the M550i anything less than a brief glance, it just looks like a regular 5 Series with an M Sport package. There’s nowhere near the drama of an M5. Only upon closer inspection is the M550i visibly more exciting than a standard 5 Series. But most drivers on the road will be completely unaware of the sports car-killing performance that lies underneath.

2018 BMW M550i xDrive test drive 29 750x500

So that makes the BMW M550i xDrive a real red light-monster. Pull up to anything short of a proper, proper sports car, like a Porsche 911, Corvette Z06 or its own sibling M5 and the M550i has a damn good chance of leaving whatever the other car is in its dust.

Plus, the BMW M550i xDrive is significantly cheaper than the proper M5, and more comfortable, so there’s a great performance value there to be had. And, it’s far more subtle. So if you need something to take your co-workers to lunch with and don’t want to seem like a hooligan but also want to blow the doors off of most sports cars, the M550i is a good car for you.

[Source: Road & Track]

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